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On Thursday 12th May at 4 p.m. - Mexico
Presentation: Soňa Dobiášová

Zveme Vás na přednášku cestovatelky Soni Dobiášové, která Vás tentokrát zavede do Mexika. Přednáška je v angličtině.

The Mayas, pyramids, tacos and tortillas, jalapeňos, sombreros or tequila? How much do you know about Mexico? It is a huge country with 31 federal states that stretch across 4 time zones. Come and get to know two of them - a favourite place with tourists, Yucatan, and the unjustly overlooked Chiapas. You will learn what it is like to make a road trip in these parts, which places to visit and what to avoid, what food and drink you must not miss and how to find a toucan in the rainforest.
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